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You can contact us via our Sole Transfer website or our online call center 24/7 for information and reservation.


The Transfer fee is your preferred vehicle fee, not per person. Our prices include taxes and there are no additional charges. We have a free waiting time of 60 minutes at the airport. We advise you to book a transfer at least 3 hours in advance


10% discount for round-trip bookings, free wifi and baby seat.


Sole Transfer Company


Sole Transfer services are as follows;

• Sole Transfer staff always welcomes you at the airport where you provide their information.

• If available, places your luggage and belongings, then opens the door for you.

• You can feel safe during the journey with drivers who are experts in technical driving.

• Sole Transfer, which has the highest level of reliability in its vehicles, also monitors its vehicles with camera and GPS systems.

• When you arrive at your destination after a safe driving experience, the staff will deliver your luggage and wish you a good day; This will stop driving.


You can get price information by contacting Sole Transfer, providing destination and starting point information. The prices of Sole Transfer's transfer transactions are always reasonable and in small amounts. So you don't have to spend unnecessary costs for your transport and you get to the point you want to reach with a reliable driving experience.


We use the years of experience for you to meet the expectations of our customers in the best way and to provide a comfortable journey with VIP vehicles. With our service approach focusing on customer satisfaction, we provide uninterrupted service for 7/24 hours. With our smart appointment service and rich vehicle range, we provide convenient vehicle supply for your inpidual and collective visits.


Appointments with smart appointment system:


• Arrival

• Round

• Two-way arrival and departure

• Arrival time

• Received address


With this and such information without wasting time you can easily make an appointment through our application. Sole transfer also provides customer satisfaction-oriented service at every stage of the reception and special invitations to the person who is greeted by the package programs and exclusive transportation pleasure.

The quality of the vehicles is as important as the service offered. Because people pay particular attention to ensure that these vehicles, which they will use with themselves and their families, are both safe and comfortable. For this, they prefer the companies that have high quality vehicles and a fleet more than the others. The biggest reason for this is the security issue mentioned above.


Employees carry great importance and risk for each company. Because the person who represents you in that time period and the time period in which you provide the service is your employee. This is why companies are being particularly careful about this. We, as a company, carry out these services with the staff who have the highest quality training and who are experts in their field and have sufficient knowledge in order for people to receive the best service.

There are some additional features that our company or other companies providing services for that matter offer to people who benefit from this service. They could catch up to the airport as soon as possible. Because city traffic or failure of your personal vehicle may cause you to miss your flight. In this case, this service offered by our company is of vital importance.


Transfer work is often seen too much in major cities and tourism regions. People who want to go to the airport can rent a car and provide transportation in a short time. In the same way, you can go anywhere you want by agreeing with the airport transfer company. We make transportation easier by supplying vehicles according to customers ' wishes.


Transfer work is often used for tourists or for those who come to the region for a holiday. Transfer work is a very careful task for us. There are many companies serving in this field. However, it is important to provide quality and reliable service. Each of our vehicles also has a kids car seat. We always create a comfortable space for you and your children.


In transfer business;


- Minibus

- Bus vehicles are very often preferred.


Transfer services do not have any hours. You can set the transfer service according to your flight time and flight dates. The prices of Transfer services are quite suitable. You can only get a transfer service according to yourself and your family.

Instead of taking a taxi service with your family, it is possible to arrange transportation vehicles to benefit from more convenient transportation services. For this reason, transfer services are often highly preferred. You must make a reservation for transfer services a few days before arrival. Since some periods are very intense, it can be difficult to find empty vehicles. Therefore, reservations must be made early.


Things To Consider In The Transfer Business


There are certain points to be considered in the airport transfer business. As the Transfer business is a serious and risky business, experts should work in this field.

- Vehicles must have completed documents such as insurance.

- Every tool used must be clean.

- All personnel working in the Transfer business must have the necessary training.

- Each employee must have training papers.


As Sole transfer company, we are very careful in this area. We receive positive returns from customers on this issue.

The most important consideration in transfer service is the professional driver staff. In this regard, our company has the task of skillful drivers with sufficient experience. We work with drivers with SRC, psychotechnics and similar mandatory documents. Personnel who pay attention to the rules of courtesy and especially know a foreign language are our priority.


If you request service from Sole transfer prior to your flight, you will be met with a vehicle waiting for you when your flight lands at the airport and accommodating all your needs. With the information you provide, a vehicle with the capacity to place your luggage will be waiting for you and will be able to take you in any direction.

Sole Transfer is a transfer company that specializes in its field. The company, acting with the mission of transporting the person and the belongings to the destination in the most reliable way, works with professional drivers. Sole Transfer drivers are all tested, capable and experienced in the field of driving.




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