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Membership Agreement

1. The Parties shall hereby be referred to as 'Agreement', hereinafter referred to as the 'Agreement', with the amendments to the User Profile, Advertisement Services, Procurement Services, Procurement, Listing, Prohibited Products and Services, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use of this Agreement, consisting of explanations regarding the use of the services within the Portal. www.Soletransfer .com, (hereinafter referred to as 'Soletransfer'). (Soletransfer) portal that decided to become a member of the 'MEMBER' and 'COMPANY AUTHORITY' entered into force mutually accepted.
2. Definitions
Portal: Website consisting of the domain name and its sub-domains.
'Member' means any natural and / or legal person who is a member of the portal and who makes use of the services provided in the "Portal" under the terms specified in this agreement.
Üyelik Membership 'Filling the membership form required to be a member of the Portal by the User eyen who wishes to become a ünden Member ünden from the relevant section of the Portal, giving the identity information, confirming the accuracy of the identity information, the service requested in the membership form if a paid service is completed by the payment of the fee and the registration process is approved by the "Soletransfer". You cannot have the right and authority to be a adan Member an defined in this agreement before the membership process is completed.
 'Company Authorized Member' Persons and legal entities who are members of the portal and who benefit from the services provided within the 'Portal' within the terms specified in this agreement, who have been verified to be commercially active.
'Company Officer' is the Soletransfer product where the Corporate Member can enter, manage and display his advertisements in order to carry out his commercial activities on the 'Portal'.
Soletransfer Membership Account: Üye Member di performs the works and transactions required to benefit from the services provided in the Portal Portal,, requests 'Soletransfer da on issues related to Üye Member,, updates' Member bilgiler information and reports on the services offered. 'Member', which can be viewed, accessed only through the 'user name' and 'password' and 'Portal' designated by him and promised to be used exclusively by him.
Soletransfer Services (Hizmet Service aca in short): The applications introduced by "Soletransfer içerisinde in order to enable the Üye Member'n to perform the works and transactions defined in this agreement within the bu Portal". The 'Soletransfer' may make changes and / or adaptations to the 'Services' at any time in order to enable the 'Member' to perform the works and transactions defined in this agreement more effectively on the applications set forth in the 'Portal'. the terms and conditions to which the 'Member' is obliged to comply with these changes and / or adaptations shall be announced by the 'Soletransfer' to the 'Member' from the 'Portal', which contains explanations on the use of the 'Service'.
'Soletransfer Interface': Used by "USERS" in order to view content created by 'MEMBERS' by 'USERS' and query from 'Soletransfer DATABASE'; 5846 numbered Intellectual and Artistic Works protected under the law and all intellectual rights 'Soletransfer' designs within the “PORTAL” can be done through the computer program to perform all kinds of internet pages.
'Soletransfer Database': Protected database in accordance with Law No. 5846 on 'Soletransfer' in which content accessed from 'PORTAL' is stored, classified, queried and accessed.
3. Subject and Scope of the Contract
The subject of this agreement is the determination of the services offered in the 'Portal', the terms of benefiting from these services and the rights and obligations of the parties. The contract and its annexes as well as any statements made by the 'Soletransfer' regarding use, membership and services included in the 'Portal', such as warnings, texts and explanations, are covered. By accepting the provisions of this agreement, the User, becomes a Üye Member ederek by accepting all the declarations made by the etr Soletransfer ilişkin regarding the usage, membership and services included in the Portal Portal '. The 'Member' accepts, declares and undertakes to act in accordance with all matters specified in the said statements.
4. Membership Conditions
4. a In order to be a member of the Portal, it is necessary to be of legal age, to be authorized to represent and bind the legal entity for the legal entity members, and not to be temporarily suspended or banned from membership by the 'Soletransfer' within the scope of this agreement.
4. b Applications for membership that will not be accepted even if the portal has completed the registration process;
Applications made by minors or persons not authorized to represent and bind the legal entity,
 Temporarily by 'Soletransfer'

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